PDN's All-Star Assistants: Elaine Miller

By Brienne Walsh

© Paul Elledge

Type of Assistant: Full-Time/ Studio Assistant

Location: Chicago 

Best Skills: Administrative/studio management; color calibration/color profiling; daylight shooting; digital capture and software; light metering; managing other assistants; photo archiving/image editing/image delivery; post-production software/retouching; still cameras: 35mm, large format and medium format; still lighting: continuous/tungsten/HMI/Lowel/Kino Flo and strobes/flash systems  

Has Assisted: Paul Elledge

Paul Elledge respects his studio assistant Elaine Miller’s professionalism so much that he occasionally asks her to attend openings as his representative. In his opinion, what sets her apart from her peers is her ability to work with both the right and the left sides of her brain. Not only does she do digital tech work, she also handles all aspects on set including lighting, large-format cameras and client relationships. She’s also great at managing the business side of a studio. But if her personal photographs, which are reminiscent of Sally Mann’s “Deep South” series, are any indication, her creative side is what will make her career.

Elaine Miller Photo Gallery

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