Tina Barney: On Her Beginnings, and Overcoming Obstacles (Audio)

© Tina Barney/Courtesy Janet Borden Inc.
"Sunday New York Times," 1982. This picture, says Barney, "gave me the license to believe in something that I thought was interesting."

For its Heroes & Mentors Issue, PDN recorded a conversation that Tina Barney and Gillian Laub had in New York City in April. During their conversation, Tina Barney talked about photographing her family, respecting the dignity of her subjects, and what critics have said, and misunderstood, about her work, ("Heroes & Mentors: Tina Barney and Gillian Laub"

In the first of these two audio clips from their conversation, Barney begins by discussing how she started out by taking pictures of strangers while on vacation using a 35mm camera. After buying a 4 x 5 in 1981 she went from making pictures of house and home to slowly integrating people into the pictures, something that proved quite cumbersome in the beginning. Barney says her breakthrough image, "Sunday New York Times," validated the work she wanted to continue to pursue.

In the second audio clip, Barney describes the moment when she attended a Margaret Mead Festival at the Museum of Natural History and realized that many of the themes she chose to explore in her work are universal.

To hear the clip, click here, and go to Tina Barney on Sociology, Margaret Mead, and Family

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