Photographer Interviews

Photographers Explain Their Approaches to Covering Sensitive Subjects

November 4, 2016

© Jody Rogac

One of the challenges Jody Rogac faced in shooting a story about abortion providers in Texas was finding a patient who was willing to be photographed. The clinic staff set restrictions about where and when Rogac could photograph, to protect patient privacy and comfort, but they helped facilitate the shoot. “Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” says Rogac.

Jody Rogac on Documenting a Battle Over Abortion Texas laws are threatening abortion clinics in the state by imposing costly medical standards on them, a subject that photographer Jody Rogac covered in a story for, “Shuttered: the end of abortion access in red America.” Rogac, who specializes in portraiture, was hired both to shoot portraits and to document the...

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