Object of Desire: Arca-Swiss monoball Z1g+

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

By Jesse Will

Lightness and stability don’t generally go hand in hand, so it’s a big deal that when Arca-Swiss updated its popular tripod head, the 2006-era monoball Z1g, the brand managed to improve both qualities in this French-made shot-steadier. Arca-Swiss addressed one of the few complaints photographers had with the Z1g—its heft—by redesigning the tripod head from the ground up to lose both 30 percent of its size and weight. Machined in aluminum, the Z1g+ hits the scale at 2.1 pounds. It’s learned some new tricks, too: more assured, subtle camera positioning is possible thanks to a variable, bi-directional drag system, with constant friction during horizontal movements and progressive friction during vertical movements. Smoother movement and gently increasing friction will allow shooters to more easily keep their whole kits from flopping over while precisely positioning a shot with a weighty zoom lens attached. It’s a bruiser: the new head’s capacity can handle an impressive 200 pounds of leverage.  

Price: $749  

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