Object of Desire: Billingham Large Hadley Pro

DECEMBER 27, 2011

By Dan Havlik

In a world of slick, black, nylon photo bags, a Billingham is a relief. These canvas and “faux” canvas bags from England just look different. They feel different too, which is why we were happy to learn about the Billingham Large Hadley Pro.

Most Billingham bags have a classic attaché style to them, which is great if you shoot with a narrow rangefinder camera but not ideal if you use a big and bulky DSLR. With some Billingham models, you have to actually take off your DSLR’s lens to get it in the bag. Not convenient.

The Large Hadley Pro, on the other hand, has plenty of room for your DSLR set-up while still maintaining that understated khaki-with-tan-leather-trim look. The bag is actually waterproof, employing “Stormblocker” dual laminate canvas to keep your gear safe and dry. Inside it has soft dividers and room for a large DSLR body, two lenses or one lens and a flash plus accessories. There’s also a zip-up sleeve on the back that can fit an iPad or a small laptop.

The craftsmanship and materials in the Large Hadley Pro, down to the leather straps and buckles, are top-notch and the bag doesn’t scream, “Look at me, I’m a photographer.” Instead, it just says, “Check me out, I’m a classy-looking bag.”

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