Object of Desire: BlackRapid Sport-L Camera Strap

AUGUST 16, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Left-handed photographers have had to get used to the fact that it is still, largely, a right-handed world. Until now, that is.

Sling-style camera strap pioneers BlackRapid have introduced the Sport-L, a camera strap tailored to lefty shooters. The Sport-L sling is contoured for photographers who like having the strap lying over their right shoulder so they can more easily grab their camera from the left side of their body. No, that’s not exactly a revolutionary design concept but it’s the first strap we know of that’s specifically geared to left-handed photographers and we call that progress.

Otherwise, the strap is very similar to BlackRapid’s regular RS-Sport strap, which is a slimmed down version of the company’s older camera sling. Like the right-handed models, the Sport-L adds a built-in underarm stabilizer strap with a less prominent pad, making it lighter but with added security for active outdoor shoots. The Sport-L is made from the same ballistic nylon material as BlackRapid’s other sling straps.

Price: $69.95

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