Object of Desire: Chrome Niko Camera Bag

SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Hipster photographers, have we got a camera bag for you! Already beloved by bike messengers (or those who just want to look the part) the world over, California-based bag manufacturer Chrome has come up with a stylish new sling bag to haul around your camera gear.

Called the Niko, this new bag features Chrome’s distinctive seatbelt buckle strap and several camera-friendly features. But first let’s mention the hip, superfluous stuff. The signature Chrome buckle release across your chest doubles as a bottle opener. A frackin’ bottle opener! So let’s say you’re finishing a tough assignment and want to kick back with a cold Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. You can open it with your camera bag strap. Yes, your frackin’ camera bag strap!

Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward sling-style photo bag with an extra cross-chest “load stabilizer” strap to keep the Niko in place even when you’re leaning over the handlebars of your fixed-gear bike while adjusting your pork-pie hat.

The bag has a customizable main compartment with soft dividers for fitting your Leica, a couple of Holgas, a pair of moustache tweezers and an extra set of suspenders. If you need more room for your ukulele and your monocle, there are some extra pockets and a zippered flap.

In all seriousness though, we like that the Niko takes durability and protection seriously with its weather-sealed YKK zipper over the camera compartment and its waterproof outer Cordura shell. A set of Velcro straps on the side can carry your tripod or your bike pump.

Cost: $95

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