Object of Desire: CineSkates

NOVEMBER 14, 2011

Dan Havlik

If your HD-DSLR has turned you into a budding cinematographer, you’re likely aware of the various rigs and devices to help you produce smooth and stable high-def shots. The trouble with a lot of these contraptions is that they’re big, bulky and unwieldy. That’s why we like the simplicity and usability of CineSkates.

CineSkates are a set of three skate-like wheels that attach to the legs of a tripod to enable it to operate like a dolly. The first generation of the product, which at the time of this writing was still a Kickstarter Project, is designed to work with JOBY’s bendable GorillaPod Focus tripod, allowing you to position your camera in a range of angles to capture fluid, moving video.

In addition to the CineSkates and the GorillaPod Focus, you’ll also need JOBY’s Ballhead X to get the whole system rolling but everything is easily stashable in a camera bag or backpack. You can either buy the CineSkates ($200) alone or the entire CineSkates System ($325), making this one of the more affordable camera dolly systems around.

Cost: CineSkates, $200; CineSkates System, $325 (includes GorillaPod Focus, Ballhead X and a case)

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