Falcon Eye KC-2000

Object of Desire: Falcon Eye KC-2000

MAY 09, 2014

By Dan Havlik

Getting high-quality color imagery in low light is as much a challenge when capturing video as it is in still photography. The Falcon Eye KC-2000, a new night-vision camera from Japan, is an attempt to change all that. The KC-2000 is reportedly able to record visible footage in just 0.005 lux of illumination, which is near pitch-blackness. Think of a midnight sky on a moonless night. And from the demo video we’ve seen on the Falcon Eye website, the image quality is far better than what you’d get from a standard security camera. First of all, there’s visible color, which is hard to pull off when recording at that level of darkness. And while there was a ton of noise, the footage we saw was crisp enough to see impressive detail. There are still some question marks to the Falcon Eye KC-2000, though. Aside from the reported f/1.4 maximum aperture of the KC-2000’s lens, and that it will use a 2/3-inch sensor and feature a CS lens mount, specifications are scant. At press time, there was no announced price or ship date. Stayed tuned though, because this Falcon Eye is one to watch.

Price: Not available at press time
Info: www.falconeyenv.com

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