Object of Desire: GoldBug 18 Carat Gold-Plated Film Cameras

FEBRUARY 19, 2014

By Dan Havlik

Admittedly, when we first heard about these gold-plated, classic cameras from GoldBug, we were more than a little skeptical. There’s a soft spot in our hearts for vintage, analogue cameras and the idea of slapping some 18-carat gold plates on them and selling them for a premium is not appealing. But photographer Oliver Blackwell and his wife, jewelry designer Catherine Zoraida, the pair behind GoldBug, have excellent taste and their gold-accented cameras—which include SLRs, medium-format models, and 8mm and 16mm movie cameras—are gorgeous. Rather than coating the cameras in shiny gold plates, GoldBug’s refurbished film shooters have a matte-gold finish with the plating replacing only the metallic areas—not covering the entire body. Prices for these unique, revamped models, which have included gold-plated versions of the Nikon F2, Pentax K1000, Canonet GIII QL and Contax RTS II, are also not beyond reach, starting at $500. They’re gold, sure, but they’re not garish.                                        

Price: Starting from $500


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