Object of Desire: Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat Tripod

JANUARY 31, 2013

By Dan Havlik

If you need a brawny tabletop tripod for either still or video shoots, the Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat is a heavyweight champ. Whether you’re shooting with a Red Scarlet-X ultra-HD cinema camera and a clunky prime lens, or a Canon 5D Mark III with a big zoom attached, the Dual Range Hi-Hat is up to the task, supporting up to a 220-pound payload.

While traditional hi-hat tripods are made of heavy cast-iron, this model from Induro is made of light aluminum alloy with a 75mm Bowl, and a 75mm half-ball adapter.

Each leg of the Iduro Hi-Hat has a two-section extension and can be adjusted in three steps of varying angles, letting you go as low to the ground as you need while keeping things stable on uneven surfaces. The tripod’s feet can also be screwed or spiked into the ground for added stability.

There are bubble levels on the tripod spider and the top plate of the half-ball adapter to help you judge your leveling. You’ll also find standard 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch threaded mounts for adding accessories to the Hi-Hat.


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