Object of Desire: KillerShot GoSpike

APRIL 28, 2014

By Dan Havlik

The GoSpike is a simple, clever and slightly dangerous-looking invention. Created by KillerShot, the GoSpike is a ground-level camera mount, which you, literally, drive into the ground. Resembling the nasty sort of thing a character on Game of Thrones might use to impale a rival, the GoSpike is a 7.5-inch tall spike you can plant in sand, snow or soft ground to support a camera via an integrated, 1/4-20 tripod mount. The GoSpike uses a four-fin, cross-pattern design to help keep it stabile. And unlike the weapons you’d find on Game of Thrones, this spike is made from hard plastic so it’s safe but sturdy. As its name suggests, the GoSpike is compatible with all current GoPro Hero cameras, but you’ll need a tripod mount or similar accessory (KillerShot recommends a ball head for added flexibility) to serve as a connection between the camera and the spike. GoSpike also works with other cameras that have a 1/4-20 receptacle. Weighing less than two ounces, the GoSpike won’t be a burden to carry while heading to outdoor shoots.

Price: $25

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