Object of Desire: Lowepro DryZone Duffle 20L

APRIL 23, 2014

By Dan Havlik

Adventure photographers who like to travel light will love the Lowepro DryZone Duffle 20L. This handy bag is made from lightweight, waterproof fabric with an IPX6 rating, giving it splash-proof protection even if dropped in churning seawater. The DryZone 20L has also been tested to withstand high-pressure water streams from any angle. The bag’s duffle design features a roll-top, wide-mouth opening so you can get complete access to your gear. There’s a padded, adjustable camera case inside the bag with taped seams for increased weather protection. If you want a looser arrangement and a little more room, the camera case is completely removable. While the 20L has a utilitarian look, there are clever design details including side-release buckles with ergonomic grab handles and zipper pulls to give you quick access. A durable handle on top makes the duffle easy and comfortable to carry, while daisy-chain webbing loops let you secure other items to the bag. There are zippered pockets on the exterior to give you fast access to smaller items such as batteries, flashcards or keys. The DryZone 20L is big enough to hold a pro digital SLR with an attached lens of up to 70-200mm as well as one or two extra lenses, assorted flashes and accessories.

Price: $149

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