Object of Desire: Matthews Studio Equipment Master Mount System

APRIL 28, 2014

By Dan Havlik

The most critical thing about a car mount system for your camera is that it has a strong grip so your precious gear doesn’t go flying off the hood. The Master Mount System from Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) offers just that. Take the example you see in the accompanying photo, where photographer Jeff Glucker attached his Canon EOS 5D Mark II to an Aston Martin using the MSE Master Mount System. According to Glucker, he raced the Aston Martin at speeds of up to 145 mph and the 5D II stayed put while remotely firing off dramatic shots from the hood of the car. The Master Mount System consists of one 10-inch and two 6-inch vacuum cups that suction securely to the exterior of a vehicle—you can use it on boats, trains or even low-flying planes, too—without causing damage. There’s also a BH-30 Ball Head to help precisely position camera rigs with up to 40-pound payloads. The Master Mount’s triangulated setup locks into place, diminishing unwanted camera shake and vibration. Meanwhile, the attached Magic Riser flexible extender lets you shoot from a variety of points of view. (Aston Martin not included.)                                                                            

Price: $875


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