Object of Desire: Nissin Di700 Flash

OCTOBER 03, 2013

By Jesse Will

The Di700 represents the Speedlight simplified. It’s a third-party flash that boasts a couple of interesting features that better other flashes in its price category. The first is the color LED control panel on its back, which, along with a scrolling selector dial, makes changing settings clear and easy. 

The second is increased head rotation—180 degrees from right to left, and up to 90 degrees upwards or -7 degrees down—which allows for more bounce lighting options. The third is an external power socket that can be connected to Nissin’s new Power Pack PS 8 ($249) to shorten recycle time and increase the amount of flashes. The flash now covers focal lengths from 24mm to 200mm (its previous iteration topped out at 105mm), 
and has a guide number of 54 at 200mm. Standard and 3.5mm PC terminal sockets can be used for synchronization, and the flash supports high-speed sync up to an impressive 1/8,000 of a second. The Di700 is available for Canon, Nikon and Sony digital SLRs. 

Price: $299 

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