Object of Desire: Saatchi Gallery Hasselblad T-Shirts

JULY 20, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Hasselblad owners are a devoted lot and now they have a way to show off their love of these classic cameras thanks to a trio of new T-shirts designed by illustrator Yukio Miyamoto.

Each of Miyamoto’s shirts comes emblazoned with stylish, vectored drawings of famous Hasselblad film cameras. The shirts, which are offered in white, gray and off-white “apple” versions, also have illustrations of the Swedish cameras on the back and shoulders.

Even if you’re not a Hassy shooter, these chic shirts, with their jumbo-size camera drawings, would look pretty snazzy under a fitted suit jacket or a sleek blazer as you stroll the aisles of PhotoPlus Expo 2012. Just saying.

The shirts are available in small, medium and large from the Saatchi Gallery in England (you can also order online) for 40 British pounds, or about $63.

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