Object of Desire: Steadicam Smoothee

OCTOBER 03, 2012

By Dan Havlik

We’ve written about serious camera rigs for supporting and stabilizing your HD-DSLRs and video cameras before but now here’s one designed for that most ubiquitous of mobile “video” devices: the iPhone.

Called the Smoothee and made by the venerable and respected Steadicam brand, this whimsical device lets you create super-smooth, professional-looking “flying” shots, pans and tilts with an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch or Flip device. (There’s also a version of the Smoothee that’s compatible with the GoPro Hero video camera.)

While the Steadicam Smoothee sells for just $149, it’s based on the same counterbalance technology as pricier Steadicam camera rigs used by cinematographers in Hollywood. Just place your iPhone in the small (included) adapter, mount it on to the top of Smoothee, and adjust the vertical and horizontal tilt knobs until it’s level.

Once your iPhone’s in place, hit the video record and you’re ready to “fly” the Smoothee into whatever scene you’d like, getting professional-looking tracking shots down stairs, over crowds or along the sidelines of sporting events.

No, this is not going to replace a professional video camera attached to a full-on Steadicam device but it’s a fun way to capture sweet HD video at a wedding reception or event while reducing camera shake when you’re on the go.


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