Object of Desire: The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

OCTOBER 11, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Count us among those photographers who can’t get enough of photo-themed novelty products. Remember the Canon lens mug from 2010? Yeah, we were all over that. While this is not quite in that category, it’s pretty darn cute, nonetheless. The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer is exactly what its name suggests: a 60-minute kitchen timer masquerading as a zoom lens.

To start the timer, twist the realistic, knurled handgrip to whatever time you’d like from one minute to 60, and the faux lens will begin the countdown. When the time is up, the kitchen timer’s familiar bell will ring and you’ll know it’s time to take that DSLR-themed birthday cake out of the oven.

Unlike some complicated photo gear we know, this device is perfectly simple. And it doesn’t even need batteries!


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