Object of Desire: Thule Perspektiv Daypack

JULY 30, 2013

By Jesse Will

While outdoor-industry daypacks have steadily gotten lighter, smarter, more compact and more cleanly designed over the last few years, packs for hauling camera gear have lagged behind. Sure, most have plenty of pockets, but many also lack all the comfort, quick functionality, and weatherproofing that make them reliable companions on a day in the field or on an afternoon climb to a peak. Enter the Thule Perspektiv, which has an easy-wearing chassis similar to the best daypacks you’d find at a high-end outdoor retailer. It’s built from durable, water-resistant fabric with easy-pulling weatherproof zippers and a hideaway rain fly with taped seams to prevent a quick squall from short-circuiting your stuff. Though its exterior is free from visual fuss, the interior boasts smart, customizable compartments that can hold a digital SLR body, two large lenses and a flash unit. Plus, a padded modular unit can be tossed in a hotel safe when necessary. It’s an ideal pack for hikes and nature shoots, since its straps are breathable, and a waist strap can provide support and stability when you need it, and can be hidden away when you don’t. An organizing pocket is backed with high-vis material that makes it easy to locate and store two memory cards and a spare battery. A separate pocket can hold your keys and cell phone. And bear mace, of course.

Price: $160

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