Object of Desire: Trakdot Luggage Tracker

AUGUST 28, 2013

By Jesse Will

It takes quite a bit of trust to check thousands of dollars worth of photo equipment at an airline counter, then watch it vanish down a conveyor belt only to hope you’ll see it half a world away. The Trakdot beacon takes some of the mystery out of your gear’s travels with a chip that communicates with the company’s servers, then alerts you to where your bag is via text message or e-mail (you can also find it on a map via Trakdot’s app). The gadget locates itself via GSM—a worldwide cellular network—rather than more power-hungry GPS. Two AA batteries power it for up to two weeks. Interestingly, the unit shuts off at high speeds, then awakens once a flight lands. The unit has a $9 activation fee and a $13 yearly subscription. The Trakdot won’t, of course, ensure you’ll always get your luggage when you land, but at the very least, you’ll be able to tell the airline where in the world your bag is.


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