iPro Lens System

Object of Desire: iPro Lens System

APRIL 01, 2014

By Dan Havlik

One of the best accessories for getting the most out of the camera in your smartphone or tablet is the iPro Lens System from Schneider Optics. We’ve written about iPro before but now Schneider has expanded the system to make it compatible with more mobile devices while offering new lens options. The iPro system includes a rugged case—there are now versions for the iPhone 5s, iPad, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4—which you slide over your mobile device and use to attach the Schneider optic, including a new macro lens, 2x tele lens, and a super wide-angle lens. (Previously, there was just a fisheye.) You can purchase each optic individually or buy the Trio Kit that comes with all three. The optics can be stored in the iPro system’s attachable handle, which doubles as a universal tripod mount. No, the iPro Lens System is not going to replace your trusty digital SLR but this mobile kit and its high-quality Schneider lenses will help you take your smartphone or tablet photography to the next level.         
Prices: $49 for Starter Kit; $229 for Trio Kit
Info: www.iprolens.com

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