Objects of Desire: frio

NOVEMBER 22, 2010

Dan Havlik

Here’s a neat little invention for anyone who likes to have fun with small strobes during a shoot: a locking coldshoe mount called the frio. Made by Enlight Photo, the same company that created the Orbis ring flash, the frio lets you firmly attach all your hotshoe strobes to anything with a tripod stud so you don’t have to worry about them crashing to the ground during an important shoot.

Not only will the tiny frio give you peace of mind thanks to its screwless, dual-locking system, it could spark your creativity, letting you do complex multi-strobe set-ups without having to use unreliable gaffers tape or dodgy jerry-rigged mounting systems.

So while this little plastic device might not look like much, the frio could free you up to create some beautifully lit shots.

Cost: TBD (but it can’t be much)
Further information: www.friocoldshoe.com

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