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New Firmware Gives Samsung NX1 Several New Capabilities

January 23, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Samsung has rolled out new firmware for its flagship NX1 that gives the mirrorless flagship a host of new capabilities.

Available now on the Samsung website, the firmware delivers enhancements for video recording, physical controls and more. Here’s what you’ll find.

For video recording:

* Audio levels adjustable during movie capture
* ISO adjustable during movie capture
* 23.98p and 24p frame rates added for 4K UHD and 1080 video
* ’Pro’ movie quality setting added for 1080 capture
* Wider range of display options, including gridline, center, aspect ratio and action-safe area markers
* Output time code over HDMI (for use with external recorders)
* C Gamma and D Gamma curves added for movie shooting
* Master black level
* Luminance level limiting [0-255], [16-235], [16-255]
* AF speed control for smoother refocusing (3 settings)
* AF responsiveness control (dictates camera’s readiness to change AF subject)
* Added tools for selecting and grabbing frames from video

Physical interface enhancements:

* Autofocus lock option in movie mode (if set to AEL button)
* AF/MF toggling in movie mode (AF ON button option)
* Wi-Fi and [REC] buttons’ functions can be swapped
* AF On and AEL buttons’ functions can be swapped
* Command dials’ direction of operation can be reversed
* Add ISO or Exposure Comp. to command dial (customizable per PASM mode)
* DoF Preview and Delete buttons customizable
* Auto ISO options (ISO, ISO Customizing, Minimum Shutter Speed) are now arranged together in menus

Wireless features:

* Smartphone app now operates as remote release using Bluetooth
* A ‘Quick Transfer’ feature automatically send thumbnails to a smartphone as they’re shot
Pair with multiple smart devices
Check for firmware updates over Wi-Fi

Additional features:

* Trap Shot feature – fires shutter when a subject crosses a specified guideline
* Samsung Remote Studio for tethered shooting from Windows PC
* Samsung to release SDK for Windows to allow independent remote control software creation

The NX1 is shipping now for $1,500, body only.