Object of Desire: SteadXP

April 14, 2017

By Greg Scoblete


While small, nimble, handheld gyro stabilizers are all the rage, SteadXP has an even more sophisticated trick. Rather than mount your camera to a stabilizer, you mount the much smaller SteadXP to your camera and then stabilize your footage after the fact. The SteadXP delivers a one-two punch. The first is a hardware device that sits atop your camera’s hot shoe. The device has an accelerometer and gyroscope to record your camera’s movements across three axes. It connects to your camera via the stereo mic input and video output and saves motion data to a microSD card. A smaller version for GoPros, the SteadXP@, connects to the GoPro’s expansion port and can fit inside the waterproof case with the extension backdoor attached. The second piece of the SteadXP solution is desktop software that ingests the movement data collected by the hardware. Combined with your footage, the software syncs the motion data to your video and digitally stabilizes it. The software offers a combination of automatic fixes to instantly stabilize imported footage, but also offers room for your own edits and adjustments. It can also remove rolling shutter distortion. The SteadXP is designed for lenses between 15mm and 70mm and the company recommends shooting with a fixed focal length for best results. The hardware has an internal battery that’s good for about 10 hours of operation and is rechargeable via USB.

PRICE: $280 (SteadXP+); $200 (SteadXP@)