Globe and Mail, New York Times, and Time Win Emmy Awards

By David Walker

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Paula Lerner holding Emmy

The Toronto Globe and Mail, The New York Times, and Time magazine all won News & Documentary Emmy Awards for Web productions at a ceremony held at Lincoln Center this week.

The Toronto Globe and Mail won an award for  "Behind the Veil," a six-part multimedia series about women in Kandahar, Afghanistan that was spearheaded by photojournalists Paula Lerner.

"This topic typically gets very little coverage in the mainstream press," Lerner said in a prepared statement.  "People in the West know very little about Afghan women...This feature tells some very important, untold stories that we need to hear in order to inform our policy decisions."

"Behind the Veil" won the Emmy for New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming: Current News Coverage. Other contenders in that category included  The New York Times, Media Storm, Reuters, and the San Jose Mercury News.

The New York Times won an Emmy in the category of New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming: Documentaries for " One in 8 Million," a year-long series of multimedia portraits of individual New Yorkers. Todd Heisler was the photographer. Executive producers were Juliet Gorman, Jodi Rudoren, and Andrew De Vigal.

Runners-up in that category included Nova (, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Soul of Athens, and MediaStorm.

Meanwhile, Time won an Emmy for its " The Iconic Photos" series in the category of New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle & Culture. The series, by photographer Anthony Suau, photo editor Mark Rykoff and producer/editor Craig Duff, tells the stories behind iconic news photos from World War II to Woodstock to the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Other finalists in that category were National Geographic and

The Emmy Awards are sponsored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The Academy has been awarding Emmys for news and documentary programming since 1980.

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