Phottix Now Shipping Odin II TTL Flash Trigger

By Greg Scoblete

Phottix announced the Odin II flash trigger at Photokina in 2014 but it's only now coming to market.

The Odin II has 32 channels, the first four of which support up to three groups and are compatible with original Odin receivers. The remaining channels support a user-selectable digital ID for more secure use.  When paired with Phottix's Indra360 or 500 TTL lights, the transmitter can control the brightness of the modeling lamp. 

Users can group flashes into one of five groups and each group will have its own quick-access button to get at the settings with less digging. All the groups can be shot in TTL Auto or manual.

Active groups are displayed on the trigger's LCD display. 

The Odin II features support for High Speed Sync (HSS) with TTL flashes as well as OverDrive Sync with manual/wire-connected flashes. Both modes let you shoot at higher shutter speeds than a camera's x-sync, up to 1/8000 sec. depending on camera.

Additional features include:

* an AF assist light

* TTL power control from +/- 3 EV

* manual control from 1/1 to 1/128 power

* second curtain sync for Nikon and Sony cameras

* flash zoom control

* 332 foot range

* firmware upgradeable

The Odin II is available now for $160. Canon and Nikon triggers will be shipping first, followed by a Sony trigger in "late Spring."

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