Media Reports: Light Right

by Soo Ji Lee

Cover art and interior image from Light Right: Learn How to Create Images, Set Up a Studio and Launch Your Photography Career

In Light Right, commercial photographers and educators Joe Lavine and Brad Bartholemew target aspiring image makers with a volume that encourages creativity and experimentation as much as serving as a how-to photo and lighting guide.

The book opens with an assessment of the essential role lighting plays in photography through diagrams and situational examples. Notes on lighting are interspersed with interviews that the photographers conducted with experts in the field and personal anecdotes on the joys and perils of the photography business. The takeaway from this section is the importance of developing a unique lighting style in order to create compelling images.

The middle section, “The Basics,” includes an overview of photography basics from lighting equipment to camera types. These photography essentials cover the technical decisions a photographer makes, such as metering and color correction.

In Light Right’s final section, “Building a Studio & Launching a Career,” Lavine and Bartholemew reach beyond cameras and lights to offer advice focused on achieving career success. 

In addition to the printed edition, the authors and publisher have produced an ancillary document for instructional use, which is made available to schools or courses that adopt the book in the classroom. Download an excerpt of the instructional content here to consider adopting the book in your classroom.



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