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Welcome to the new look and the latest edition of The Studio Guide 2010 from PDN’s Photo Source.

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This edition covers some of the newest studios to setup shop in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. Not only are they new, but they are providing new services in the areas of talent casting, wardrobe and makeup facilities, showcasing and promoting great photography with in-house galleries, and they are available for events. We also include interesting interviews with some of those studio managers and photographers who are creating these unique services that are helping to generate more business. For those who might have the opportunity to shoot out of the U.S., we provide several top notch studios in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Plus, two producers share some of their favorite studios and rental providers.

The Studio Guide 2010 offers detailed reviews of studios, retouching and production/location services across the U.S. and Canada. We also include our very popular and handy studio grid for a quick reference check with details on facilities, studio specs, rates, hours, equipment rental and other useful amenities for producing a shoot.

Our listings section can be used as a desk reference in the office or on location and provides more contact information for new and existing studios, location services, retouching and pre- and post-production services than any other photography resource. Our compact yet comprehensive Studio Guide 2010 is one of the most essential and unique resources from the PDN family of brands. It continues to be a reliable resource for reporting on the newest trends and facilities. No other photography resource in print, online or in digital format captures as much information as PDN’s Photo Source Studio Guide 2010.

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