2011 PDN PhotoSource Stock Photography Guide

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PDN’s PhotoSource Stock Guide 2011 is an eye opener to some new agencies. Even in this tough economic climate, new agencies are not afraid to set up shop and are offering both clients and photographers greater rewards and inspiration.  For clients, these smaller agencies provide a more personalized experience, and they get imagery that can work on several different levels. Photographers get to be part of the creative process and are finding financial gains through lucrative partnerships.  No doubt, the times are still very tough, but high-quality imagery is needed more than ever before, especially with so many viable platforms today. New smaller stock agencies as OJO Images, N49Photo  and Tandem are taking a chance, offering fresh imagery and a new kind of independence to photographers. We also take a look at  video opportunities with the footage library Thought Equity Motion.

In addition, to our features, PhotoSource Stock Guide 2011 also offers reviews with comprehensive information for both the traditional and the new niche agencies.  The PDN Photo Source Stock Guide 2011 continues to keep its pulse on the trends and issues facing the stock photo industry.

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Trends: New in Stock

2011 Stock Guide Reviews

Vice President/Publisher: Lauren Wendle
Photo Source Editor:  Barbara Goldman
Managing Editor: Jeanine Moutenot
Project/Photo Editor: Jacqui Palumbo
Reviews: Romy Ashby
Contributors:  Romy Ashby
Production Dir.: Danny Ryan
Art Director: Frank Webster
East/Midwest Advertising Sales Manager: Mark Brown
West Coast Advertising Sales Director: Lori Reale
Account Executives:  Mike Gangel, Jon McLoughlin, Kristie Nilsson, Dennis Tyhacz
Circulation: Lori Golczewski,

For comments and suggestions contact: Barbara Goldman,

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