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PDN’s PhotoSource Video Guide 2011 comes to you with topical information on shooting and lighting for video and how to get those lucrative jobs  information you won’t want to miss. We start off with maximum impact with a look at the studio and video editing capabilities of Impact Digital with locations in New York and California. Readers will also be interested to learn about photographer Jonathan Chapman, who is landing high-end video work from art buyers and art directors, and what advice he gives for getting those top-paying video gigs. Plus, we zero in on Blue Sky Digital and their unique lighting set up for video capture.

The PhotoSource Video Guide 2011 is also an excellent resource for topical reviews and contact information for equipment, rental houses, distributors, digital capture services, lighting and new and existing production companies throughout the U. S. and Canada.

Visit PDN’s new and improved PhotoSource online at and find thousands of additional listing for retailers, photo equipment and accessories, digital capture, stock agencies, studio rentals, photo finishing labs, retouchers, location and production services, that include imagery, profiles and video of newest equipment and studios. PhotoSource - the one-stop source for all your photographic needs.


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Team Builder

Industrial Color Motion Capture and Editing Studios

Blue Sky LightGrid

Video Reviews 2011:

iDC Photo Video, Prescott Valley, AZ

Chimera Lighting, Boulder, CO

Adorama, New York, NY

Industrial Color, New York, NY / Culver City, CA / Miami, FL

K5600 Lighting
, Rental Across North America

, Hauppauge, NY

Scheimpflug, New York, NY

, Thornwood, NY


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Account Executives: Mike Gangel, Jon McLoughlin, Kristie Nilsson, Dennis Tyhacz
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