Coppola Studios Launches Coppola Capture Productions


Boston-based photographer Angela Coppola has launched a brand new business dedicated to serving catalog and e-commerce clients. Coppola Capture Productions offers a "turn-key or a la carte approach to services" including photography, video, location scouting, prop, wardrobe, hair and makeup styling, set design and constructions, asset management, production and retouching. Coppola Capture Productions utilizes the newest technology, vital to producing the highest quality photographic images and video, all under one roof.

The Studios at Coppola Capture span 5,000 square foot of unobstructed daylight space. The space includes a 21- foot cyc wall, a full kitchen, loading dock with freight elevator and 1,500 square feet of storage. Their state-of-the-art camera equipment permits untethered shooting and their digital asset management system features remote art direction capabilities and secure, around-the-clock virtual access.

Coppola Capture Productions opened July 16th, 2012 and is an extension of Coppola Studios. Angela Coppola has a stellar reputation for photography and video in the advertising, design, editorial and catalog fields, particularly specializing in children. Through her new production company, she proudly states, “My goal is to help clients achieve their goals through beautiful, informative photographs and video. Period.” Clients can also expect excellent service and efficiency all within their budgets.

For further information, please call Coppola Capture Productions at 617-268-3301 or visit



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