Pro Image Editors Make Workflow Easy as Pie

By Jacqui Palumbo


Pro Image Editors (PIE) was founded on a simple principle: to streamline their clients’ post-production workflow by offering high-quality services with a quick turnaround. Established in 2005 and branded as PIE in 2009, the company was initiated by a team of workflow and production experts whose goal was to increase efficiency and output for professional photographers who manage a high volume of work. Their services include post-processing, retouching, album design and video editing.

Jazz Mandair, President of PIE, says, “Our first set of customers were stock photographers and stock videographers. We then branched out into restoration, real-estate, product and wedding/event photography and wedding videography.” Wedding photographers are their fastest growing market, but their quantity of customers does not impact their turnaround time.  In addition, Mandair says their customers save 50 percent compared to their competitors and they provide the cost of services up front, giving credit to their slogan “Easy as PIE!”

Last year, PIE simplified their packages into the Essential Edit and the Essential Edit Plus to make their post-production services even easier to price out. Both services include adjusting exposure, white balance, contrast, hue, tint, and many of the new features of LR4, and the Essential Edit Plus extends to image selection as well. Last year was also the beginning of their wedding video-editing services, and they now offer Final Cut Pro or Premier project files and are continuing to invest in new and improved services.

Though much of their demographic is wedding photography, PIE is always ready to take on different needs in photography. “Because of our history in the market place, wide breadth of skills and professional team, we often get requests to enter new markets with very specialized needs,” Mandair explains. “I always encourage customers and prospects to ask us for the things that help make their business easier.” PIE also offers free samples of their processing and retouching services to build relationships with new prospective clients.

PIE has international presence with 140 staff members around the world, serving customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan and more. To serve their international customers, they have dedicated teams fluent in English, German and Japanese. “We like to make sure we are available where our customers are,” Mandair says. 

Customer service is PIE’s priority, and later this year they will be implementing a point system to give back to their clients. For every dollar spent, one PIE point will be received. Starting at 1,000 PIE points and continuing every 1,000 points up to 8,000, PIE customers will receive gifts as a thank you for their business that include gift cards for travel, leisure and photography equipment.

Seeking new business opportunities is also important for PIE. They recently expanded their technical infrastructure in the United Kingdom by partnering with The Guild, a leading provider of business support, training and consultancy. In addition, PIE has a great relationship with Zenfolio, and is supporting the Zenfolio 12-city ZOOM tour. Running from April 26th, 2013 through October 25th, 2013, the ZOOM tour is an opportunity for photographers of all levels to meet, interact and learn with industry professionals. Lastly, PIE has partnered with and WPPI, offering discounts to all members.

For more information on Pro Image Editors, visit their Web site.



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