Speed and Flexibility

By Amanda Baltazar

Markewitz photographed this biker in varying light to test how the Broncolor Scoro E pack worked in varying ambient light conditions. He said the flash output was “extremely consistent.”

The biggest advantage of the new Broncolor Scoro E pack is the speed of the flash charging time. “It’s one of the fastest—or the fastest,” says Salt Lake City-based outdoor photographer Scott Markewitz. “And that’s with extremely consistent flash output and color temperature.” (The Scoro E can be operated with a time charging time of just .06 of a second.) “What I really like about the Scoro packs in general, is just the incredible range of exposures you can get,” he says. “What’s cool is you have separate controls for each head and they’re in a 10th of an f-stop. There aren’t that many packs out there with that control and that range. It allows you to really dial in the light exactly how you want it.” The unit behaves like two independent power packs because it has two lamp connections. Each has an individual power controller with LED display and can be adjusted independently of the other connections. The individual power distribution, combined with the large control range, allows the photographer an almost free choice of f-stop.

Despite the large size of the power packs, they’re surprisingly light and look great. “They’ve updated the look and made them (the Scoro E and the newly updated Scoro S pack) a bit more modern-looking, says Markewitz. “The controls on top are really clean. You know how to use them right away.”



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