A Rose by Any Other Name

By Jacqui Palumbo

The Virgin Issue of Relapse Magazine hit newsstands May 7th, celebrating fashion, culture and the lure of innocence. Founded in 2012 by Ian Frisch, Relapse “showcases edgy, progressive fashion photography and provocative culture journalism.” Fashion Editor Ise White has had a longstanding relationship with New York City-based fashion photographer Daymion Mardel, and reached out to him to shoot an eight-page spread for the issue.

Mardel is known for his classic style, and he drew his inspiration from William Shakespeare’s classic romantic tragedy, Romeo & Juliet. “I knew I wanted it to be very romantic,” Mardel comments, adding, “I love timeless images and a sense of simplicity.” Mardel’s love for simplicity and iconic portraiture stems from his time learning under the late, great Richard Avedon, who he became first assistant to up until Avedon’s death in 2004. For the past nine years, Mardel has developed his own fashion portfolio, shooting for top clients such as Vogue, J Crew, Sephora, Coach, Neiman Marcus, Target, New York Magazine and Fossil.

Mardel worked alongside White, Art Director Curt Everitt, hair stylist Menelaos Alveras, makeup artist Bobby Bujisic and Editor-in-Chief of Relapse, Ian Frisch to produce the Romeo & Juliet themed spread “A Rose By Any Other Name.” Mardel incorporated handmade flowers into the shoot to reference innocence and beauty, and explained his concept to model Linnea at ONE Management. Mardel says, “Linnea was a pro. She had a lot of range and emotion in her expression.” He photographed her with a Nikon D800E and lit her with only one main key light, using an Elinchrom Octa Bank and Photex umbrella.

The Virgin Issue of Relapse Magazine is out now and can be viewed online in its entirety. Mardel’s images find a home amongst the other spreads, all different in style but dedicated to showcasing provocative beauty and sophistication. Mardel says, “Leonardo Da Vinci once said, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’ I try to incorporate that idea into all of my work.”

For more from Daymion Mardel, visit his Web site.


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