Adam Hester Shoots Virtual Scavenger Hunt Campaign for the Mayo Clinic

Jacqui Palumbo

Across the Twin Cities, an interactive campaign from  Adam Hester and Campbell Mithun has launched, promoting the newest Mayo Clinic store in the Mall of America and their focus on health and wellness for residents in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Hester and the creative team from Campbell Mithun created four posters that activate a specially developed iPhone and iPad app using geo-location software at four locations in the Twin Cities. Users can snap a photo using the app and large objects relating to health and wellness appear in the photograph. Images can then be shared on This project is the first virtual scavenger hunt in the area.

Hester received the assignment through Campbell Mithun producer Kat Dalager, who he has known since his start as a photographer. Dalager also keeps a solid business relationship with Hester’s rep, Troy Braun, who also acted as a producer on this project. Dalager presented a sample of his work to art director Randy Gerda and he was selected for the job.

The concept of the posters was to simulate the app itself, creating images with health and wellness objects superimposed and interacting with the talent. Hester shot the campaign using a Canon 5D Mark II and kept his lighting simple primarily with a Profoto 7B and beauty dish. The team was meticulous in their planning, given their short time constraints and shoestring budget. Hester attributes their success to solid scouting and communication. Dalager comments, “Adam and Troy both created a little miracle by making this happen not only within our time and money constraints, but with flawless execution.”

The campaign can be seen within the Mall of America and on bus shelters throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. To see more of Adam Hester’s work, visit his Web site.


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