Adore Noir Magazine Editor and Publisher Chris Kovacs Selects Håkan Strand

By Chris Kovacs

 We featured Swedish fine art photographer Håkan Strand in the third issue of Adore Noir. Håkan’s surreal images are the result of carefully timed long-exposures which range from a few minutes up to an hour. Håkan does most of his work during the fall and winter months because the weather conditions during these seasons adds a nice atmosphere for black-and-white photography.

I was particularly impressed with Håkan’s ability to compose a perfect image. He works very hard with composition and keeps the image clean and simple by omitting any unnecessary elements as much as possible. Håkan also develops all of the negatives himself and has mastered a unique style that ensures all of his images fall within his personal preference.

When asked about his new project and why he prefers the Nordic countries Håkan goes on to say, “The landscapes in the Nordic countries are quite diverse, which is one of the things that I will emphasize. This project will hopefully result in a fine exhibition, and ultimately, a book. I have traveled all over the world, but I have to say, the quality of light here in Scandinavia is outstanding. I find it perfect for black and white photography.”

With numerous awards under his belt and the backing of major galleries world-wide, we are certain that Håkan has a bright future within the realm of black-and-white fine art photography. Håkan Strand can be contacted through his website at

Chris Kovacs is Editor/Publisher of Adore Noir magazine and a fine art photographer with work at


PDN August 2016: The Fine-Art Photography Issue

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