Art Director Jill Applegate of Jill Applegate Design Chooses Ryan Ketterman

By Jill Applegate/Jill Applegate Design

Ryan Ketterman for the Mayo Clinic advertising campaign.

When Mayo Clinic launched an advertising campaign to promote its Executive Health Program, they chose to feature actual patients with very compelling stories. Ryan Ketterman was a great choice for this assignment since he has worked extensively with non-models. While the executives selected were already fairly comfortable in front of a camera, it takes a special skill to capture their personalities as well as communicate the client's message.

The executives selected for Mayo's ads are busy people, with countless meetings and travel on their calendar. They did not have a lot of time to spare for photography sessions. Ryan and his team had to work quickly on location, solving a variety of challenges, but the outcome looks effortless and natural. These engaging portraits draw the viewer in, creating interest in Mayo Clinic and its Executive Health program. To see more of the ads visit the Mayo's Executive Health Program at http://www.mayoclinic.org/executive-health/.

Jill Applegate is Principal/Art Director of Jill Applegate Design.
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