Bil Zelman Shoots New Campaigns for Bud Light, Pfizer and Microsoft

By Jacqui Palumbo

Image for Bud Light ad campaign running now for Halloween.

Bud Light recently hired Bil Zelman to shoot a year's worth of campaigns for the light beer brand. For the first campaign, Zelman stuck to the Halloween theme by throwing a costume party complete with a local DJ, drinks and food to evoke an authentic sense of emotion and atmosphere. Zelman opted to cast non-professional talent and kept a minimal amount of his team on set.

"As with many of my shoots, we work hard to isolate the subjects from production in order to make it as real a possible," he explains. Zelman says over the years he has become more of a director and that photographing it comes naturally once all the pieces are in place. "The real work is in planning and in creating the perfect environment and mood," he says.

Zelman's organic method is paying off with a variety of campaigns in the works, including one for pharmaceutical company Pfizer which can be seen now on the streets of New York City. Zelman also has a project for Microsoft currently wrapping up. For more of his work, visit his portfolio.

Above/Below: Photos by Bill Zelman, Pfizer Campaign

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