Bonnier Design Director Tuomas Jääskeläinen Chooses Photographer Sami Repo

By Tuomas Jääskeläinen

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 Food photography for Olivia Magazine.

I have worked with Helsinki- and New York-based photographer Sami Repo for more than 10 years. In early 2000 when I was art directing a hot new business monthly Bisnes.fi, I asked Sami to help me refresh the cliché of a CEO portrait. His work still stands the test of time even if the magazine unfortunately didn't.

We both moved on to do more lifestyle work. Sami was really getting into food photography and six years later we were set to change the course of food photography in Finland with the launch of Olivia magazine. Olivia is a popular, stylish glossy for 30-something women. Food is just one of many subjects it covers. Captivating storytelling is at the core of everything in the magazine, from the shortest captions to the grandest fashion editorials.

Sami is master of narrative food photography. Bread crumbs on the tablecloth, blueberry ink stains in the scoop or mysteriously burned wooden surface of the desk tell a story of a gathering. Instead of just showing a document of a food portion he creates an atmosphere. Sami always says that if the set looks good, the food will look good. The story is in the details.

Tuomas Jääskeläinen is Design Director at Bonnier Publications in Helsinki, Finland at www.bonniermagazines.fi/.



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