Brandon Jernigan Shoots Chase Freedom Cash Back Campaign

By Barbara Goldman

Michael Torpey for Chase Freedom "Cash Back" campaign.

New York-based photographer, Brandon Jernigan, recently shot campaigns for both Chase Freedom and Chase Slate credit cards. Jernigan photographed comedian and TV personality Michael Torpey to launch the new Chase Freedom "Cash Back" campaign. "Torpey was great to work with - hilarious, energetic and a true professional," says Jernigan. In addition to shooting the print campaign, Jernigan also captured stills while both Chase Freedom and Chase Slate filmed their TV campaigns in New York and LA, respectively. Jernigan worked with ad agency McGarry Bowen on both campaigns.

McGarry Bowen Creatives:

For the Chase Freedom campaign::

Art Director:   Beth Wetzel
Creative Director: Megan Skelly
Executive Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam, Rachel Howald
Copy Writer: Jenny Sandbank
Art Buyer:  Cheryl Masaitis

 For the Chase Slate campaign:

Art Director: Jessica Giles
Executive Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam, Rachel Howald
Copy Writer:  Austin Hamilton
Art Buyer: Ali Asplund



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