Brian Wetzstein Shoots for C.H. Guenther and Son Food Products

BY Barbara Goldman

 C.H. Guenther & Son campaign

Chicago-based advertising product, food and packaging photographer Brian Wetzstein has new work from a recent marketing campaign for client C.H. Guenther & Son. He was hired for this project to produce a piece that schools could refer to when using C.H. Guenther's products.  Culinary Strategy Network (the recipe developer) hired the studio to produce images that showed the recipes in an appetizing way that fit  designer Popp Brand's layout, as well as being accurate to nutritional values required by law.  Using Popp Brand's creative direction, Wetzstein used a more "traditional school" feel in propping, while giving the food a very appetizing feel visually via focus and lighting.  he piece was produced to help the salesforce (internal and brokers) to better connect with their customers.  The insight was that having recipes menus that fit within USDA guidelines would help boost sales.  It was the first school-focused brochure that Guenther produced in many, many years.  They recently distributed it at the Texas  Association for School Nutrition Conference where it was very well received. The final piece was given away at a recent trade show and is available from C.H. Guenther. See more on his site at

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