Challenging Advertising Campaign Wins Platinum Adrian Award

Jacqui Palumbo

For Illinois-based photographer Jason Lindsey, the right location means breaking a sweat. After the success of his first shoot for The Beaches of Fort Myers-Sanibel in Florida, he was asked for an extension of the original campaign. Along with his producer Talia Watkins, they set out again with advertising agency BVK to create stunning photographs that showcased the warm tranquility of the Gulf Coast shorelines and islands.

In order to achieve his vision, Lindsey and his team chartered boats to remote island locations, kayaked through mangroves and hiked miles through the sand, all while carrying their equipment. They worked from before sunset to after sunrise for nearly a week, with two days of scouting and four days of shooting overall. Their efforts were rewarded with a 2010 Platinum Adrian Award for "Best Destination Advertising Campaign," a highly coveted award in the Tourism industry.

Lindsey attributes the success of the campaign to several factors. "The entire process is extremely collaborative," he explains, describing a balanced team effort between himself, Watkins, Connie Casida, Senior Art Director from BVK Fort Myers and Art Director Scott Krahn from BVK Milwaukee. Each member contributed in multiple ways to the project. Connie Casida did the initial scouting herself, and Scott Krahn brainstormed ideas of images, also being an experienced photographer. Lindsey and Watkins were able to contribute ideas from an early stage, as they had begun working on the campaign for around four or five years. They were able to fine tune ideas and locations based on their first shoot two years earlier, lessening any trial and error they had previously encountered.

As well as a team can function creatively though, there are always challenges in difficult locations. Thorough preproduction and backup locations were key in preparing for the shoot. Unavoidable, however, was the precarious transport of equipment through several modes of travel and unpredictable weather. Lindsey packed as lightly as possible, relying on Hensel Porty Lithium 1200 lights and California Sunbounce reflectors and silks to fight against the overcast skies present during the shoot. He shot the images with a Canon 1ds Mark III camera and a range of Canon Lenses from 16mm - 300 2.8, primarily switching between a Canon 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, and 85mm 1.2. The Hensel Porty Lithium lights became vital when the sunlight did not filter through a canopy of trees as Lindsey had envisioned. The lighting kid provided a versatile solution to the uncooperative weather conditions.

The end result is a personal, emotive campaign, a happy client, a prestigious award, and a continuing solid business relationship with BVK. When asked about her experience, Casida said, "Location photography always presents challenges. Putting together a team that will rise to the challenges and think on their feet is key; which is why I have worked with Jason and Talia on so many of my shoots. Jason helps bring my ideas to life and capture the essence of the destination."



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