Cirina Catania Documents Wounded War Hero and Athlete Kionte Storey

By Barbara Goldman

PhotoServe reported on Southern California-based writer, Director, Photojournalist Cirina Catania  several months ago with her documentary on Furnishing Hope, the organization that turns empty apartments into furnished homes for our military veterans and people in crisis.

Catania’s latest project is a documentary about an amazing young wounded Marine veteran who lost a leg in Afghanistan. Kionte Storey has had to overcome so much in his life to get to where he is now.  Storey lost a leg in an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan.  He now wants to dedicate his life to inspiring others and hopes to gain a position on the U.S. Paralympics Track Team. Storey works full time for the FBI on their night shift and then trains during the day towards gaining a spot on the Track Team.

 ©  Cirina Catania/ Kionte Storey takes a break on the grass.

As Storey has been training, Catania has traveled to San Diego to document life and his challenges. She shoots mostly video, using three Blackmagic cameras, two Cinema cameras and one Pocket Cinema Camera. She shoots her stills with either Canon or Sony mirrorless depending on the day and GoPro for timelapses and some video when appropriate. “So far, I'm the only one shooting as I'm trying to keep it calm and more personal,”says Catania. “You should have seen me running three video cams two weekends ago. “ At one point, I'm tracking video on tripod with one hand and shooting stills with the other.” So many of the stories out there are downers and Storey does have difficult moments, but he is full of life and hope and optimism, and that is what makes him different and inspiring.

Catania has a long history of success in both the major studio and independent film environments. She is one of the co-founders and former director of the Sundance Film Festival , was Associate Director of the Utah State Film Commission reporting to the Governor and head of the J.F. Images Talent Agency. Catania’s specialty is not only the the way she chooses her topics, but the way she is able to capture all the underlying moments of emotion and action from her subjects with great respect and privacy.

Here is a short video clip of Kionte Storey at the starting block on the UCLA Track from June 6, 2014 on Catania’s Vimeo page.  Catania  plans to  keep PhotoServe updated on Kionte Storey’s goals, as well as other stories she has been s covering on our Wounded Warriors and their journeys back into civilian life.  See more of her work at her site,


 ©  Cirina Catania/ Screen grab from the BMCC video as Kionte Storey runs at UCLA Track.


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