Connect with the Best -Discounts from ASMP and PhotoServe Memberships

By Barbara Goldman


ASMP is delighted to make a special offer to and WPPI members. Become an ASMP Associate Member  for only $125 annually (or $11.11 per month) instead of the regular $225. You save $100 on a yearly membership! Discount applies to first-time members to ASMP.  ASMP Associate Members receive these great benefits: all insurance and discount programs, chapter participation, staff consultations, education events and ASMP's extensive advocacy.

The rewards just keep mounting with a membership. To take advantage of this special offer from ASMP, you need to JOIN first.  Then continue your savings and benefits with an Associate Membership from ASMP here. Membership includes all these great benefits and savings:

    Subscriptions to PDN and Rangefinder magazines in print and online
    Listing on portfolio display site with 10 searchable specialties
    Discounts of 30%  on contest entry fees for all PDN and WPPI contests
    Special vendor discounts - BlinkBid software, SeamlessDocs Tenba, Graphic Authority & many more
    FREE  VIP Expo Pass for PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo/ admission to show floor for 2014

Plus, purchase any of our portfolio display packages and get all of these savings along with our custom promotion of your work to thousands of creatives looking to hire. and ASMP - A Winning Combination!


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