FRENCH’S® Foodservice Serves Up Nutrition to Kids

By Barbara Goldman

FRENCH’S®  and food and lifestyle photographer Heath Robbins go together, well, like a hot dog with yellow mustard. Robbins has a passion for food and even has the word "eat" in his name. So what could be more natural than Robbins shooting a campaign for the iconic American food company, aimed at bringing good, nutritious meals to deserving families.



Recently FRENCH’S® Foodservice entered a three-year partnership with the American Culinary Federation (ACF)  to support the Chef and Child Foundation (CCF) to  provide meals to families in need and to educate kids on proper  nutrition. For this latest campaign, Robbins worked with the NOBLE agency out of Springfield, MO with Associate Creative Director Eugenia Alcocer and Art Buyer Sandy Haymes. NOBLE and Robbins have collaborated on projects for 15 years with various clients, and the agency has come to trust and enjoy their working relationship with him. They knew that his fine art and technically gorgeous food and lifestyle photography, along with his easy-going style would be perfect for this assignment. Robbins had to shoot two images that would show the relationship between FRENCH’S® Foodservice and the American Culinary Federation with imagery.



There are always certain challenges that come along when shooting involves a young child and even more when you add food to the mix, but Robbins is known for his calm, professional manner and the way he makes clients and talent feel at ease.  He has three children of his own and his playful antics help young talent feel comfortable on set. In this instance, he directed the child model to exude a playful emotion that was needed for the fun aspect of the food, while also being mindful that the food had to look fresh and healthy on camera all the time. The art direction required a hint of a commercial stainless steel kitchen in the background and Robbins worked the lighting and camera angle to show these aspects while keeping the real focus on the food and playful moments from the talent.



The campaign is out now with unlimited worldwide trade use and can currently be viewed at as well as in print ads.  It has brought awareness to FRENCH’S® and their part to give back to local communities and more directly it has brought help to those families in need of food. The program enables ACF members to use their FRENCH’S® (r) product purchases to make a donation to the CCF. This program also enables members to use their case purchases to earn individual points through Foodservice Rewards. 


You can see more of  of the lifestyle, food and fine art of Heath Robbins




Client: FRENCH’S®  Foodservice (trade) 

Agency: NOBLE

Assoc. Creative Dir: Eugenia Alcocer

Art Buyer: Sandy Haymes

Photographer: Heath Robbins


PDN August 2016: The Fine-Art Photography Issue

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