Freelance Editor Sharon Guynup Selects the Storytelling of Photographer Eric Kruszewski

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Five days after Eric Kruszewski turned on his first DSLR camera, he captured an image that would be recognized with a grand prize in a National Geographic Photography Contest.  We were in Jaisalmer, India, on a photo expedition run by National Geographic contributing photographer Steve Winter and myself.  

We had the pleasure of teaching Eric photographic composition, technical tricks, and tips on how to work effectively in the field.  It was immediately evident that he had the utmost passion and respect for the photographic craft.  That was a mere three years ago.

Eric continually expanded his vision and pushed his limits while developing in-depth stories on a range of diverse subjects from rodeos in the Pacific Northwest  and Haiti’s rebuilding progress in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake to a cultural documentary in Cuba.  I have continued to mentor him through each of these projects, providing feedback, guidance and editorial critique throughout the process.  Eric has learned to tell a story with powerful, unique images and his pictures continue to earn recognition: his work has been recognized with multiple awards and has been published internationally.

Eric’s ability to research a story and connect with his subjects are astounding.  He possesses a dedicated work ethic, an attention to detail, and a level of perseverance that I have seen only in a few select people.  While documenting a wide range of stories, he has the ability to disappear amongst his subjects and still provide viewers with a front row peek into fleeting moments in others’ lives.  It has always been a pleasure working with Eric and sharing in his talents.You can see more of Eric Kruszewski's work on his site at www.erickruszewski.com.

Sharon Guynup is a freelance editor, writer and documentary photographer.  She has contributed work to Smithsonian, Aperture, Time, nationalgeographic.com and Scientific American, among other publications.

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