Ian Spanier Shoots Spartan Race for Gaspari Nutrition

By Barbara Goldman

 Grueling Spartan Race shot for Gaspari Nutrition.

Advertising and editorial photographer Ian Spanier was recently commissioned to shoot a group of competitors at a grueling Spartan Race. Though the obstacles of such an event are formidable, Spanier  had his own challenges in maintaining his production standards for this shoot. "This is the kind of assignment I certainly could have shot without bringing any lighting gear," Spanier explains, "but I like to give my clients something a little more dynamic. After all, anyone can just take a camera, point and shoot these days." Spanier got a call from Gaspari Nutrition to cover their sponsored amateur and professional athletes at a Spartan Race, an event like no other. Hundreds of men and women literally run up a hill to start a race along boulder-strewn terrain through various obstacles as cargo nets, unevenly spaced monkey bars,  mud pits, soap-covered walls, hand-over-hand lines suspended over water, fire pits, barbed-wire and more.  Participating in the event was Team Braveheart under the leadership of Jen Rosant. Team Braveheart is an amazing group of people, many of whom have overcome incredible physical challenges ,  from brain tumors to massive digestive issues to take part in this competition. See more about Spanier's shoot of the Spartan Race  at the Photoflex Lighting School Blog here.

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