Important Info on the NEW PhotoServe will be relaunching soon!
Here is important information for our Paid and Free members on how to get the most out of all of the new features. We will notify you when the new goes live. We encourage all members to begin using their new features, such as multiple galleries, news and testimonials. is now completely Self-Service
-Listing information was previously updated by administrators
-Now all information including contact, bio, clients, awards, news and testimonials, can be edited along with your portfolio images from one user-friendly backend.
-All existing free listings will be assigned login information. You can contact Jacqui Palumbo at for your personal logins.
-All existing Advertisers with portfolios can use the SAME login information (username pdn-xxxxx) and then reset to a personal username and password.

Payments can now be made online directly from your account
-Members will now be able to pay online
-Quarterly and Annual Payment plans are available
-Automated e-mails will notify you when it is time to renew

News and Testimonials are the latest additions to your profile information
-Now you can keep viewers up-to-date on all of your projects with news entries, creating a more personal and interactive experience for browsing art buyers and creatives.
-Testimonials by creatives can be written on your behalf and then approved by you in an easy managing system in the backend.

Expanded portfolio options (for more information and prices, contact Kristie Nilsson -

Elite Portfolio
-1 portfolio with 10 images for still images

Premium Portfolio
-Up to 100 images in your image library
-Larger image display
-Up to 7 galleries, organized by specialty
-Video capabilities

Improved portfolio uploading, managing and viewing
-Easy batch uploading
-System will resize images. Images can be either Gif, or JPEG or PNG File
Not to exceed 5MB
-Drag & drop images from your library into multiple galleries
-Brand new gallery viewing layout with full screen option

Improved lightbox functionality
-Lightboxes can now be managed from the backend all from the same account. You can send specific work to clients.

We are excited for the next generation of As we transition, we ask for your patience if there are any kinks in the new site. We encourage all members to notify us of any broken links or functionality problems. We are actively working to perfect the site before it launches and we thank you in advance for understanding. The countdown begins..!


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