Jeff Singer Photographs Dr. Clarence Jones for American Way magazine

By Barbara Goldman

Dr. Clarence Jones, co-auhor of  Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech."

San Francisco-based advertising and editorial photographer Jeff Singer has been busy with some very topical photography assignments.   He recently  photographed Jeff Mallett, builder of Yahoo,  for the cover of Globe & Mail Report on Business  Magazine. Mallett continues to manage  a portfolio of internet, sports, entertainment and real estate interests.  

For today's 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" speech, Singer  was asked to photograph the speech's co-author Dr. Clarence Jones for  American Airlines in-flight magazine American Way.  Dr. Jones was an important part of Dr. King’s civil rights movement and  Dr. King personally came to Dr. Jones’ house in 1960 to ask him to  help with the movement.  Later, Dr. Jones helped co-author  Dr. King's “I Have  A Dream” speech.  Of the nearly twenty-minute speech, Dr. Jones is responsible for approximately the first fifteen minutes. Singer worked with Photo Editor Betsy Semple. Read more about this fascinating man and the shoot on Singer's blog.  

Singer also shot the September cover for Bicycling magazine.  This was the first cover with the magazines new redesign to show more photography.  Singer worked with Photo Director Stacey Emenecker. See more about the assignment here.


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