Jerry Monkman Produces The Power of Place Conservation Documentary

BY Barbara Goldman

 The Power of Place, new conservation documentary film from

Conservation, travel and adventure photographer and filmmaker Jerry Monkman  has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new 30-minute documentary, The Power of Place,  he is producing  in New Hampshire.  The film idea came about after Monkman shot a series of short videos for a client regarding Northern Pass, a 180-mile electricity transmission line that is proposed for New Hampshire. These short videos looked at the personal impact the project will have on individuals in the path of the proposed lines, as well as the perspective from a couple of conservation organizations that work in the region.

For this new film, Monkman looks at the landscape-scale impact this project will have on the state and the millions of visitors who come to New Hampshire to enjoy its open space and wilderness area. To succeed at thwarting Northern Pass, he feels the conservation community needs to bring in a broader audience, and this new film has been produced to achieve that goal.

You can view the videos that started his project  here.  More details for Monkman's documentary with Kickstarter can also be viewed here and see his site for information on many of his other still and film projects. 

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